Ignore Conversation - does it just filter on subject line?

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Does IGNORE in Outlook 2010 work based on conversation threads or just on the subject line? Why am I asking? Let me explain...

There was an ongoing internal email conversation with the subject line of "Parking" and so in Oulook 2010 I right clicked on the message and clicked on ignore. This took all the messages in that conversation thread (so I thought) and placed them in the deleted items folder. Great! What a simple idea and very effective! However, the boss later sends me an email (not a reply or forward) with the same subject line and that email also goes into deleted items - NOT GOOD AT ALL!

In Outlook 2010 looked in the Deleted Items folder and checked "Show conversations" and I can see it also removed some older emails with the same subject line. When I expand the view I can see clearly the actual conversation emails are linked but the others that also got placed in the deleted items are not linked. This makes me suspect that the Ignore button actually worked on the subject line and not on the conversation - please tell me it ain't so!

Can anyone else confirm, deny, provide an explanation, workaround or fix?

Thanks, Dave

Allen Song


Yes, Ignore feature works on the subject not the conversation. I have tested this on my lab and reproduced this issue.

You can work around this issue by using Outlook Rule.



Allen Song
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