junk email folder properties synchronization tab missing ..outlook 2007 client

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Office Version:Office 2007Operating System:Windows XP


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The junk email folder properties synchronization tab is missing outlook 2007 client...only 6 tabs instead of the usual 7..

This seems to be causing some sync issues with the exchange server when opening OWA...also when i look in the send/rec settings/define groups/edit.....there is no check box in front of the junk E-Mail box...any thoughts folks??




Hi BCY1,

Which version of Exchange server do you run?

Do all users have the issue?

Do users connect to Exchange server using MAPI?

Suggest you install latest service packs and hotfixes for Exchange and Outlook in order to avoid some known issues.



Yes...problem solved....but it required a sledgehammer, not a delicate surgical removal!

We created a new profile, archived the mail/calender etc in the old profile, opened the archive in the new profile, recreated each of the 20+ folders I have, then migrated (copied!) all the old mail and tasks and calender items etc to the new profile. then kept the old profile alive for a while to see that odd mail did not show up. Had to recreate all mail rules, archive rules, and options....but overall seems to be working and syncing now.

Not open for further replies.
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