Mail folder permissions Exchange 2003/Outlook 2003

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Chuck Lavin


I'm trying to set up appropriate permissions to allow a group of users to

access another user's Exchange folder tree. I'm not having much luck ...

For starters, since incoming email to this user's box is to be redirected to

these other users, I created a distribution group for this purpose and set

up the Exchange redirect options in ADUC. No problem there.

However, when I tried to set up folder permissions through the user's

Outlook, this group was nowhere to be found. This, even after manually

updating the recipient lists through ESM AND telling Outlook to re-download

the GAL. All the other distribution groups -- set up identically to the one

I just created -- show up. But no number of manual update requests is

getting Outlook to see this new group. How do I remedy this?

Problem #2: This particular user's mail store has close to 90 folders and

subfolders. I tried to give just one user read-only access to the mailbox

root; the user in question was able to open the mailbox root, but nothing

showed up below it. I then gave the user read-only access to the dozen or so

root-level folders; the user now could see the root-level folders, but not

the subfolders below them. Does this mean I have to manually add permissions

to EVERY folder, subfolder, sub-subfolder, sub-sub-subfolder in that mail

store? Is there an easier way to do this?




I am using hosted exchange services, so is there a non-server solution to this problem?



James Hill
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