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Vinicius de Almeida

Hi, I´ve a strange situation. Whenever i send a calender from an exchange mapi account (or owa) to a pop3 account ( @ the same exchange organization) i get 1 hour of difference. This began after brazilian dst. If i send from the pop account to the mapi account, everything is fine.

I´ve all patches applied, and everything is fine if i send to an external email. So the problema is:

Calender from mapi -> pop, everything else is ok, pop to pop, pop to mapi, mapi to external pop, etc....

Anyone have an idea?

Vinicius de Almeida

Hi evan, thanks for those links, but this is not my problem. This problem only happens when I send from a mapi account to a pop account inside the same exchange server. If i send any mail from an external account (pop, mapi, imap) I dont have any problem with the time. So the problem cant be a misconfigured windows. Is something inside exchange, and between mapi and pop. If I send mails from pop to pop account everything is ok. For example. I pick the account user1 and send a appointment to user2. At the same outlook, I configure user2 twice, one using mapi, and other using pop. The message that is in mapi folder comes ok, and the same message that comes to pop is with 1 hour of difference.


With outlook 2003 or outlook 2010 everything is ok. Ive tried with outlook 2007 (without pacth, with sp1 and sp2).. another thing, this happens with imap too :(
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