Font is changing in Outlook message when pasting rows and columns from Excel

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Currently we are using Exchange 2003 and MS Office 2003. I am running Windows XP Pro with Outlook 2003, so when I copy rows and columns from Excel and paste into a new email as Paste Special>Picture (Enahnced Metafile) or Paste Special>Picture (Windows Metafile)...I send the email to a user with windows 7 and Outlook 2003 which they open the email and see the data I copied with normal font.

When the user with Windows 7/Outlook 2003 copies rows and columns from excel and paste into a new email as Paste Special>Picture (Enahnced Metafile) or Paste Special>Picture (Windows Metafile)...the data looks ok when composing the email, but once the email is sent he opens the sent items folder and the same email is now showing the data copied with different font (bold)...see image via this link Also, if they sent the email to me and I open it the font also changes to bold for the rows and columns.

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