Outlook 2010 Connectivity with Exchange 2007

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Hi All

Iam facing a problem while connecting Outlook 2010 to the exchange server 2007 mail account.

I configured the 1 mail account with Autodiscover and it gets succeeded but once the profile gets created outlook is not opening and displaying the following error: " cannot open your default e-mail folders.You must connect to Microsoft Exchange with current profile before you can syncronize your folders with Outlook data file(.ost)"

However i can access the mail using IMAP,POP3,OWA and even autodiscover message do gets appear but could not login using outlook 2010 though the profile has been created when i start outlook 2010 clien It is showing as loading profile but could not get into outlook and displayes the above message.

NOTE:I have 3 emails accounts hosted on exchange 2007 2 accounts are working fine with Outlook 2010 and only 1 account is giving the above problem

For ex: abc@teset.co, def@teset.com are working but ghi@teset.com is not working on Outlook 2010.

Request you to provide a solution for this Regards.

Allen Song


Did you create the profiles of the three working accounts on the same computer as the problematic account?

Could you test this issue on another computer?



Allen Song

Rajitha Chimmani

This error also relates to the proxy settings. Check in outlook for any proxy settings enabled. Not sure of the options in Outlook 2010 but you could relate with Outlook 2007.

1. Tools->Account Settings

2. Click on Change button and select the Connection tab which shows if any proxy settings are enabled.


thanks for replying

Yeah i tested on another computer also it gave me the same problem

it was only for 1 organization for others it is working fine


thanks for replying rajitha

there are no proxy settings that has been set

Since i need to have autodiscover configured

it is working for other accounts but could not work for some accounts...........


Dear Allen

could you please tell me regarding the Autodiscover certificate message when I tried to connect my exchange with outlook it always gives the pop of Autodiscover message then i need to click yes for the autodiscover certificate

Is this the normal behaviour for the Autodiscover or whether i can be hide


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