Why don't my send button will not send mail from keyboard?

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I have a send button on my microsoft digital media keyboard 3000 that should send an open e-mail. It works perfectly when I have e-mail open in Windows Live mail but not Office Outlook 2007. The e-mail button opens Office Outlook 2007 so I would think that Office is my default mail program.

The only way I can get it to work with Outlook is to open Outlook e-mail, create an e-mail and then open the keyboard setting page of my keyboard software and reconfigure it to send. It will send this messate then from Outlook BUT when you close Outlook and go back it will not work unless y ou reconfigure it again.

Seems as though the Microsoft keyboard is configured to work with Windows Live mail.

Does anyone know how to make this work with Outlook?


Windows 7 Ultimate IE8 8 Meg ram HP pavilian A6542p Norton Security Suite

Also how can I make sure Office e-mail is my default.



Go to any web page and find a help page and try to get a option for email support,

In doing so outlook should popup in the email to the web pages support request.

This will confirm who is in charge, I'm betting windows live mail, but with 2010 outlook, both are new products.


The support page via e-mail on www.acrobat.com opened up Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, so that is my default program. It also shows in my set defaults option as Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.

So it (outlook 2007) is my default e-mail client. Do you know how to set these Microsoft buttons on digital media keyboard 3000? I followed the instructions in their help option and it still does not work.



To Dianne and all people who have replied and also all people who might have this same problem.

I have accidently found the solution:

My default e-mail is Outlook 2007. To get these key to work on your microsoft digital keyboard 3000 product you have to download Windows Live Mail and set up your account in that and let it share with your Outlook 2007 e-mail account. This will allow you to download e-mail from your outlook account if you wanted to which I do not.

When you set up your windows live mail account then all the buttons including the send one will work while you are using either program.

The configeration in your keyboard settings just read etc: Send e-mail from open window or something like that. It does not specify which account so it will work with either.

This has been an absolute nightmare for me and I guess others as well who preffer to use Outlook as their default account which you can still do but you have to set up Windows Live Mail to make it work.



I just thought I had solved it. Still does not work in Outlook.

Can someone give me the path to the send operation in Outlook 2007. If I had that, I believe I could reconfigure the key so it will work.


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for doing an actual send/recieve? there isn't a command line for that. New message either uses mailto: (for the default client) or a switch (http://www.outlook-tips.net/how-to/using-outlook-command-lines/)

Can you map the key to F9? That is send/receive when outlook is in focus - so if outlook is not active, it may not work.

Honest option: i'd forget that key and either set outlook to do autochecks or use F9.



The key on the keyboard is not or never has been set to do the send and receive command. It is suppose to be defaulted to SEND the e-mail only. You are correct there is not a send and receive button on the keyboard nor do I want to set one up.

I just want the send key to do what it is suppose to do and that is to send the message that I have compiled to the recipiant that I have selected.

As I said I can open up outlook (active window) and then open up the keyboard settings program and in the keyboard program select the send option and click on it to reconfigure the key. The reconfigured message says " send e-mail in the active window" . I then go out of the keyboard setting program and then press the SEND key (not the send and receive key as there is no such key) and it will send the active e-mail. I then exit outlook and then reopen outlook and the create a new e-mail with a new recipient and press the send key and the e-mail message will not send, in fact it does nothing.

Now that is what I do not understand, why do yoiu have to reconfigure the send key over and over and over again to get it to work. It works the first time while outlook is active but when closed out it will NOT work.

The send and receive function has nothing to do with my question. The send key is for sending the e-mail ONLY.

I hope I have made myself clear.


Diane Poremsky

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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If all the key does is replace the Send button on the message, I'm not sure I'd bother with it - use Alt+S to send instead - its usually a more comfortable keystroke than reaching out for a button. (Ctrl+Enter can also be configured to replace the Send button, if its a more convenient keystroke.) If you can create macros in the keyboard software to replace keyboard shortcuts, create one for Alt+S or Ctrl+Enter.

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