Calculating a number of entries in a database based on specific conditions

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I need two formulas which calculate the following in one string...

Find out how many calls were received on a weekday, between the hours of 6pm and 8am, and called regarding 'making a booking'


A formula that calculates how many calls were received on a weekend, between the hours of 7pm and 9am, that called regarding 'making a booking'

I've been able to create =COUNTIF(B:B,">8:00:00",B:B,"<17:59:59",C:C,"wish to make a booking")

And that calculates how many calls were received between a certain time frame and called to make a booking. I can't make one that includes the condition if the call was a weekday, or a weekend...
12/5/201019:09:4612/6/201000:12:34Query on Existing Booking12/6/201007:22:27Enquiry re: cost and schedules12/6/201010:12:12Wish to make a booking12/7/201021:07:07Query on Existing Booking12/7/201022:07:06Call for Manager or Accounts12/8/201000:48:24Wish to make a booking12/8/201007:51:21Wish to make a booking
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