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tareq ziad

i have the exchange 2010 intalled on windows server 2008 R2 and after the server forced to shutdown after an electricity disconnection when i try to acces the outlook web access and after i entered the user name and the password and login to the email the page is become like this

Tareq Al Muhaisen

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have u checked all services ????

plus try restart MS exchange form based authentication service!

do update me!

Regards Shah. MCITP, MCMA, MCTS No claims (try at your own risk)

Dave Stork

You could try to restart IIS via CMD " IISRESET /NOFORCE" , the suggestion of Suhail.Pir is also worht a try. Otherwise a complete server reboot could possibly help. But first check services and your eventvwr whether there are some clues there.

Technical Specialist / Infrastructure Architect @ www.OGD.nl - MCSE 2003 Messaging - MCITP Enterprise Messaging Administrator 2007 & 2010
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