OL/EXCH 2003 Meeting Request Schedule not show in calendar

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I'm using outlook SP3 and Exchange 2003 SP2

User reports that schedule of meeting request cannot update or waiting for a long time (several hours) to calendar before read or accept.

Any hints to speed up the update of calendar and free/busy info for without action on meeting requests?


Outlook 2003 not cache mode.

Sometime, the schedule can update to calendar in short time.

But sometime it takes several hours to update schedule of meeting request to calendar

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Wow. If its in classic mode, it should be faster to update. Sounds like a network or server issue. Are you the admin? Do the server events show any exchange errors? Are all users affected or just one?


Yes. I'm the admin. Event view doesn't had special logs about that. Do I need to turn on diagnosis events?

i don't know the exactly, because just one pair of boss and sec alway report those problem.

I think network is in good condition, all the connections are 100 or 1000. And low utilization on network ports.

In some forum, I see an outlook sniffer internal task to handle the issue and it move schedule of "unread" meeting request to calendar, is it truth?

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Yes, you need to enable logging to record the events. Outlook's sniffer handles it - you can try restarting outlook with /sniff and /cleansniff switches. This cleans and resets the sniffer.

Do the affected users have the same addins installed? Like something that keeps outlook busy? If outlook is not 'idle', the sniffer may not run. You can change the idle settings (create the key i it does not exist) - default (no key) is 30 seconds and 600 seconds respectively. Lower values for both cause the Sniffer to run more frequently, possibly causing a performance hit on the rest of Outlook, so you dont want it too low.

HKEY_Current_User/Software/Microsoft/Office/xx.0/Outlook/Options/General key

AutoProcessIdleTime - controls is how much idle time is required before the Sniffer will act

AutoProcessIdleTimeMax - controls how long the Sniffer waits before trying again if MAPI was not idle on the previous try

The number is in milliseconds (1000 = 1 second)

Using rules to move meeting requests? That can also cause problems.


Thank you.

Yes. Both users install the same plugin. I already reinstall outlook without the plugin for testing.

And I will try to update the registry keys later.

BTW, other than outlook sniffer, do you think any other possible cause?


I had disabled the Addin and monitor it at this moment.

BTW, outlook sniffer will sync schedule from inbox to calendar, but how about the old meeting requests in inbox?

E.g. if a meeting request was received two weeks ago but keep unread. User open outlook today after a long vacation. Will outlook sniffer process the meeting request two week ago?

Any time limitation on outlook sniffer?

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Yes, sniffer will process the appointment and AFAIK, there is no time limit for sniffer. It works on appointments that are in the past too.
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