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I'm using Outlook 2010 on Exchange Server 2008rt for a small-business sized graduate school. I've created a public calendar in All Public Folders so that all administration and faculty can access it and create room and equipment reservations.

I've also created a number of resource mailboxes in Exchange so that teachers can reserve various rooms and equipment for meetings/seminars/etc.

The problem is this: when anyone tries to create a new meeting request on the public calendar I get the following error message: "This meeting is not in the Calendar folder for this account. Responses to this meeting will not be tallied."

For certain events I need the attendees to be tallied. Can anyone tell me why I can't tally responses?

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In order to tally responses, it needs to be on their calendar and they need to invite the resource calendar. The admin needs to mail-enables the calendar.
Thanks Slipstick.

The calendar is mail-enabled, so that's taken care of. But how does a user "invite" the resource calendar? I know that "copying" the calendar only makes a static copy and therefore does not update the live public calendar. I also know that "adding to favorites" makes a dynamic link to the calendar, but, that has the same problem as above, not tallying responses.

Is there a way to add a folder on the server for that calendar? Is that a route I should look into?

(I'm quite new with the more intricate details of outlook and exchange. Thanks for any and all help!)

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They invite the calendar the same way they invite others- by entering the email address in the invitation. :) It's best to click on the To button and enter it in the Resource field but if they don't, no big deal.

BTW, its usually better to use mailboxes as the resource, that way the resource autoaccepts or declines if there is a conflict.

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Oh, one more thing - while the meeting won't automatically tally the responses, the user should be able to go through the responses and mark them off on the tracking tab -the response field is editable. It's obviously more work, but the tracking will be on the meeting and the calendar won't be full of tentative appointments.

Is there a way to add a folder on the server for that calendar? Is that a route I should look into?
Not sure what you mean by this, unless its just trying to figure out how to tally.
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