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In our company we use Oulook 2007 and 2010 on Exchange 2007 server. The problem we're facing is that we use "Public folders", but they are not visible in Outlook in "normal" view (Ctrl+1), only in "Folder view" (Ctrl+6).

Is there any setting for the public folders to be visible in "normal view" or to add Favorites (on top as in normal view) to the "Folder view" ?



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That is annoying, isn't it? I put in a request for a public folder navigation pane (during the 2007 beta) but dont expect it to ever happen. :(

You can't add them to the mail folders list but you can add them to the favorites - if there isn't an 'show in favorites' on the right click, drag them to it (hover over the mail button to open the mail nav pane, then drop on Favorites) If they are in public folder favs, the new message count will show (and you should have the 'show in favs' command on the right click)
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