What to backup before removing Outlook 2010?

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I have a laptop in which most office 2010 applications includying Outlook are crashing quite often so I decided to uninstall and then reinstall again Office 2010.

Is there anything that I should be aware before performing such task?

Outlook has 2 email accounts and I know where the .pst files are so that is not a problem.

Do I also have to manually export the contacts, calendar, etc. files or are they already included in the .pst data files?

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Everything is in the pst files - while not written for outlook 2010 to outloko 2010 moves, much of what is in move outlook to new computer applies. The only other thing you might want is signatures, templates, or stationery - outlook 2010 doesn't use NK2 so don't worry about that in step 6.


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Ok this is weird.

I saved all the outlook configuration settings to put them back once office 2010 was reinstalled but I noticed that even when I completely uninstalled Office 2010 apparently Outlook 2010 was not removed.

After I reinstalled everything I launched outlook and everything was there. The .pst files, the POP3 account settings, blocked sernders list, signatures, etc.

Now I am still having some problems with outlook 2010 crashing since apparently nothing was removed.

Anyone knows why did outlook was not removed when I completely uninstalled Office 2010?

Thanks and help is greatly appreciated.

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the profile is in the registry.

Have you tried making a new profile? If not, do that first. you could also rename the two microsoft\outlook folders under your user account path (one under local, one under roaming). If you use Windows 7, type %localappdata%\microsoft\ in the address field of windows explorer and rename outlook; repeat using %appdata%\microsoft\ and rename that outlook folder. The repair office and try again.

To make a profile, go to Control panel, search for Mail then make a new profile.
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