2003 >> 2010 outlook today security changes (Iframes? Href?)

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I have a custom today page (local html file on C:/OL_Today folder) which is set out as a table with the inbox at the top and then the bottom two rows contain IFrames (which go to local HTML files in the same folder) containing calendar, tasks and several links.

This works well on OL2003, but on my home PC (OL2010) only the inbox is shown.

Everything which is referenced from an IFrame no longer shows up, and view source on each of these areas shows only about:blank.

I can put the calendar and tasks inside the main code, which will probably fix that, but I want to keep the "links" sections in separate files, so users can edit those files, rather than editing the main today file.

Alternatively, I'd prefer users to edit a local XLS file for links which could be read by the main code, which would build the hrefs in javascript or something like that. No idea how to do that yet though, or even if 2010 supports javascript.

I also have an href link on the main page, which although displays the correct local filename in properties, has no action when clicking.

Several colleagues of mine use this page at work (on 2003), but with the upcoming migration to 2010, I don't want to look foolish when all their pages suddenly stop working. I'd rather give them an upgrade first.

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Man, it's been forever since I last worked on an Outlook Today page. Security tightens with every version - I believe javascript is out for that reason. Backend asp application that creates an HTML page would work - but is also a lot more work.

See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2287519 for a little (damn little) information. I'll see if i can find more information.
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