Exchange 2003 - Outlook 2003 - Calendar entries saving over each other

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When using Outlook 2003 connected to Exchange 2003, sometimes a calendar entry will get changed by the owner and a publishing editor at the same time. If they both have notes in there and click save, it will ask about saving to the default folder location. Does anyone know where this magic "default folder location" is stored and where it is putting these extra copies of my calendar entries when they are saved by multiple people at the same time?

See the attached file for more information.

When this pop-up you see showed up, the calendar ended up this way. The original entry still exists in its original format. The first person to click save has an entry next to the original entry with their input. The second person to click save was saved to the "default folder for this item" and the location of this spot is not known.




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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
Ok, that makes sense. The default calendar happens to be the only calendar we use. We have also failed to locate the entry that we created when we did the screen capture here. I am out of options here. We have done a thorough search on both default calendars for the exchange accounts and have not found anything. I was just hoping the next time this happens, we don't have to lose all of the information that we had typed into the calendar entry. Maybe we will just need to click cancel next time and copy the raw data then go forward from there.

Thanks for the information. I just wish I could trace down exactly where it is storing or not storing this information though for future occurrences.
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