Outlook 2010 IMAP Sent Items some items appear in Outlook Data File

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Hi all hope you can help

I have a couple of normal IMAP email accounts and use the attach to email feature on a lot of these different programs for ease and speed of use

However when i do this the sent email is saved to the outlook data file and not the sent items of the account that i sent it from.

this makes it difficult for me when i need to refer back to my sent items to see what i have sent and when i sent it etc. am not on an exchange server just the normal outlook.

any help would be appreciated -

I would just like any sent item to appear in the sent items file from the address i sent it from - and be able to use the attach to email feature.

many thanks

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When you use the File, Send menus in other programs, they use a different process and it gets into outlook at a later point so the sent items folder is not set.

You have two choices: an item add macro that moves sent items to another folder or move the messages later - oh, or you can set the folder yourself before sending the message (options tab).


Outlook version
Outlook 2010 64 bit
Email Account
many thanks for that info

as we use multiple addresses a macro is out of the question as it could make it even more confusing

will use the options tab where possible or just remember to work out of the data file

don't think there is a fully automated solution to this one ?

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No, there isn't a fully automated solution for 2010. A macro can easily support all of the addresses. Use a macro to move IMAP account sent items - Slipstick Systems

In my quickie tests with Outlook 2013, the imap sent messages do go to the sent folder the account is using. My default account is Exchange server and that may affect it - I need to test it with only imap and pop3 in the profile to be sure the behavior changed. (Outlook 2010 uses XLIST properties to set the Sent folder, which is why it works - of course, it will only work with imap servers that support XLIST, which should be all newer server software.)
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