catalog Content Index failed-Unable to mount database.(hr=0x80004005,ec=-501)

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HI all

I faced this problem and i after long investigation i solve it as below ,,, first let me brief you about the issue .

we had power failure where all our data center went down (dirty shutdown) , our exchange environment as shown below :

2 x HUB/CAS servers

2 X MBX servers (in one DAG)

after power comes , all data bases have been mounted except one database ,, it failed on both DAGs , the status of this DB is as below :

MBX01 - Dismounted - Active True

MBX02 - Disconnected & resyncronizing , active False

the worst thing is here ,, the "catalog content Index is Failed" On both Copies , so no clean catalog index is available for this DB .

and once i tried to activate the passive copy its return an error message with the below error "the active DB is not mounted "

and if i tried to mount the active DB it gives error of "catalog content Index is Failed"

i've tried to repair the catalog contents index using the script "ResetSearchIndex.ps1" against the corrupted DB with no luck because both catalog on both DB copies is already corrupted .

after tow days of struggle , i solved the problem as below :

1. Stop the "Microsoft Exchange Search indexer Properties" service on EX01 .

2. Move all the logs (ALL logs ) to other location , Keep the DB folder path clean from any logs

3. mount the DB .

4. start the "Microsoft Exchange Search indexer Properties" service .

this what i did and it solves the problem and data base is mounted now ,,,
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