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Outlook 2010 32 bit
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I have noticed that when replying to an email the listed size of that email seems to increase exponentially, even if the reply is only a single word. It doesn't take very many threaded replies before the emails are several hundred KBs in size. If I force the reply to be done with RTF format, rather than HTML, the reply seems to have a normal size. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Rick


Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
Do you have all updates installed? This was a problem with RTM but was fixed in later builds.

Thanks for responding Diane, Yes I have all updates applied. I was incorrect with my profile, I thought I was using Outlook 2010 (64 bit) but it appears I am using the 32 bit version instead. My current version of Outlook is 14.0.7106.5001 (32 bit). I just ran another test and I replied to an all text HTML email that was listed as being 174 KB and when I check my sent folder the replied email is now 371 KB and all I entered in my reply were a total of 6 words. Rick


Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
Just to add another bit of strange data... I just sent a new email where I inserted 5 photos - each photo was a jpg file of about 90KB. The total size of all 5 photos should have been 380K. When I sent the email and checked my SENT folder the email was listed as being 15MB... Rick

Diane Poremsky

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The bitness shouldn't matter. I assume your server allows messages larger than 15 MB? If 5 photos/380KB grows to 15 MB, try a few more photos - Outlook *should* complain if the message is over 20MB (unless you changed that previously). (I'm curious if the large size is detected. )

What addins do you have installed? Did you see if it happens in Safe mode?

Did this just start recently, like after the early Sept updates? (eg, after SP2 was installed)

Are the images attached as files or embedded, so they display like in a web page? I'm wondering if it's converting them to BMP format, which would account for the huge sizes.

You can send a message with one or more images to the admin account - forums@outlookforums.com - and I'll see if i can tell what is going on from it.
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