Email won't send Automatically in Outlook 2010

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I have Outlook 2010 and any time I send an email it gets stuck in the outbox. I can open it in the outbox and send it from there and it sends but it will not get sent automatically. I receive emails without an issue. This is occurring on a desktop running win 7 and a laptop running Win 8. Both computers are running the latest version of Norton NIS. I am using a Comcast account with an outgoing server (SMTP) Port of 587 and TLS enabled. I have tried running Outlook in safe mode but the email will still not send automatically. I had I Cloud 3 running but removed the program using Windows Add/remove feature, this had no effect. This started happening earlier this week. Appreciate any suggestions


Outlook version
Outlook 2010 64 bit
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I have used Outlook for years and for some reason this just started happening. Based on the suggestions I went through the troubleshooting steps again that Diane had suggested. I had just updated all my computers with the latest NIS software so this was a good place to start to see if this was the cause of the issue. I first disabled outgoing email scanning in Norton NIS but this had no effect, a message would still just stay in the outbox. Next I tried disabling the Norton Antispam Outlook Plug-in, in Outlook under Add-ins and that appears to have solved the problem the email no longer sits in the Outbox. Norton must have made some change that doesn't play well with Outlook.

Diane Poremsky

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The SMTP scanning outside of an outlook addin usually isn't necessary but also usually isn't a problem, the addins are the problem.
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