Accessing Outlook on my Win7 desktop from Win8 laptop

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I'm trying to figure out how to access Outlook, installed on my Win7 desktop, from my Win8 Laptop where it is not installed; because I can't afford to plunk down another $!00+ for another copy to install on my laptop, which I understand I would have to do because I am only authorized to install my copy on one machine!

I would love to get unhooked from my addiction to Outlook because the data files are so complicated and scattered throughout so many AppData folders; as sig, rules, templates, archives, etc. etc. It's always frustrated to backup because of the number of hoops I must jump through to them all backed up and I'm always frustrated by the mess that results when I try to re-install Outlook; and get it reconfigured, after a crash. It appears to be impossible to get it to status anti simply by copying all the backed up files to their appropriate locations.

I understand there is a way to integrate Outlook with the internet; so I can access my outlook data files, and contacts, across multiple devices, like my laptop. Something about a mail server or MAPI account?

Any help with this effort would be greatly apprecieated.

Diane Poremsky

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Did you read the eula? Retail copies can be installed on a desktop and a portable, provided you are the user of both, eg, you can't install it on your spouses or kids laptop.

Otherwise, the only option is to use remote desktop.

As for integrating outlook with the internet, it's not really outlook, but an exchange server account (Office 365 Exchange online) and to a lessor degree, (Hotmail).
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