Further automate several tasks with rule, VBA or Quick Step

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Curt Faulk

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Hello, this is my first post to this forum.

I have an Outlook (2010, 32-bit) rule that, based upon From: and Subject:, will do the following to a message in the Inbox upon receipt:
  1. display [NEW TASK: and (task details)] in a New Item Alert Window
  2. Move it to a specific folder
  3. Run a VBA "ConvertMailtoTask" script
  4. mark it as read
In addition to this automated process, I would like to automatically forward the message (including header information: From:, Sent: , To: , Cc: , Subject: , to a specific Outlook Contact Group. Each forwarded message would contain the same body text above the forwarded message: "Please review and comment not later than 14 days from receipt of this message."

I have tried Quick Steps, but that hasn't worked.

Can anyone suggest further actions?

Diane Poremsky

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