How to force full message download for all Gmail messages in all folders with IMAP in Outlook 2013

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Darryl Levine

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How can one download all Gmail folders and sub-folders to Outlook 2013 using IMAP?

The only method I found is to select all the messages in one folder, then click Mark to Download. But I don't want to do this for every Gmail folder.

Is there a way to force the full message download for all Gmail messages in all Gmail folders using IMAP?

Note: In Outlook 2010, this was the method that worked for me. But it is a pain as one has to click lots check boxes. It works, but sucks.

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When you use Outlook 2013, full messages in all subscribed folders should be downloaded. Go into Send and Receive settings (Ctrl+Alt+S), and check the settings.

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