Synchronize Access Table with Outlook Calendar Appointments

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We have an Access database which includes employees activities in a Table.
We would like to link this Table to an Outlook Calendar Appointment form, so that activities could be setup from Outlook and easily modified from the Calendar (i.e. moving an activity to the next day, etc.).

Could I receive assistance in synchronizing the Access Table to an Outlook custom Appointment form?
We use the latest Office 2013 and Office 365; this database is stored locally.

Thanks a lot!


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Thank you Michael for the prompt reply. I am willing to do the work and to put time into it if I could be given some guidance.

Michael Bauer

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First I'd create a copy of the Access table that you do your tests with.

One question you need to think about is how to identify an Outlook appointment in the table. In Outlook you can have two different IDs both with pros and cons:
1. EntryID: The id is unique but it can change when you move the item to another folder.
2. Search_Key: It doesn't change but it is not unique, when you copy the item, the Search_Key property is copied, too.

Some useful events to recognize changes in the calendar are: ItemAdd, ItemChange, BeforeItemMove.

With the "Microsoft ActiveX data Objects x.x Library" you can edit Access tables.
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