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This has always annoyed me, is there a way to change this behavior?

1. Send an email to
2. Remember something else you want to say to him.
3. Look for this email in your Sent Folder
4. Click Reply
5. In the Send To field, it populates with your email address, not
6. You have to erase your email address and add Joe's.

I would like it to autopopulate the TO field with was the Joe's email, or whoever was on the previous email.

Michael Bauer

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Additionally to Diane, Outlook can only remove your default address. If the email was sent to another of your addresses, then Outlook doesn't know that's you. And if the email was sent to multiple recipients and you want to reply only to the sender, then you still have to remove some addresses. The ReplyAll Addin allows to determine a list of addresses you never want to reply to.
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