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Hi, I could not make headway with following issue:

We collect and keep our mails and posts in dedicated folders, be it private or be it groupwide in public folders.

When a project has ripened enough to create our product, a report, we go through all mails of the specific project and at that stage would like to mark mails/ posts which we deem as contributories to our report.

In my Inbox, or any other well defined folder, I can simply do this by defining a category, call it "RPT", and creating a rule in that specific folder, that when I assign this category to any item, the item line will change in colour and turn into bold.

However, when I go to any other folder, be it private or be it public, I need to recreate this rule all over again.

Is there a way to define a folderwide rule, so that anytime, anywhere in mails when I assign the "RPT" category to any item it will stick to the item - even after shifting the item.

I hope I did not raise an issue which has been addressed before...




Outlook version
Outlook 2010 64 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
Thank you, Diane. I have already tried View tab > Change View > Apply to other folders. It works fine within my personal folders, but in the selection options window I do not see the public folders where we keep our projects. See attached screenshot.
Or, alternatively, if I start from a public folder, then the option "Apply to other folders." is grayed out.
Any idea? Thanks.


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