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Like many others on this forum I unsuspectingly checked "synch mail and contacts" when Apple asked me. The "synching" wiped out my Outlook calendar and contact information. I have tried to copy the entries out of the "list" view from the iCloud calendar to my former default calendar; when I use Ctl-A to copy everything and Ctl-V to paste it into the default calendar in "list" view Outlook doesn't complete the task and the default calendar remains unpopulated. I tried this with a small group of appointments yesterday and they transferred fine. The full list of appointments I tried to copy with Ctl-A is hundreds of entries long. Is Outlook choking on the volume or is there some other problem? I have already unchecked "synch" in the iCloud control panel, but not yet uninstalled iCloud from my Windows 7 laptop.

Thanks for the help, the other threads have been helpful but didn't address this obstacle.


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It should work. Do you get any error messages?

Try sorting by the icon and moving them in groups by icon type - it's possible that it's choking on one item type. I had problems with one item when i moved between calendars - the problem item had a blue i icon. With that in the selection, outlook wanted to make a new meeting with attachments. Without it, it copied them as appointments.
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