Random Chinese characters in email copied from a pst file. Exchange Server 2016 Public Folder

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Ibrahim AY

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I have just setup a new Exchange Server 2016 on site for my client. There is a strange problem. They are using Public Folders.

I have a couple of PST files to import or copy to the public folder, I use Outlook 2016 for this. When the copying of a 10 GB PST file finishes I check the emails and most of them are containing just nonsense Chinese like characters. I wondered how the same emails looked in the PST file itself but they were fine there. After copying them to the Public folder their input changed to Chinese characters.

These PST files come from the earlier Exchange Server 2007 Public Folder.

I already tried the <add key="DisableDetectEncodingFromMetaTag" value="true" /> in the EdgeTransport.exe.config file but that didn't help. We have a couple of Transport Rule but no disclaimer rules.

Since there is not much of tech support on the internet for Exchange Server 2016, I was wondering if anyone else is facing the same problem and could give a clue on this.


Ibrahim AY

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Diane Poremsky

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It sounds like a Unicode or character set issue - the character set the old messages use is not available on the new server.

I'm assuming the old pst is a unicode format? This can happen with messages converted from ansi to unicode.
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