IMAP Server Wants to alert you to the following: cannpt rename system folder

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I have read some of the responses I have seen on this forum, I cant seem to figure this out though. Please Read this because this is my last step.

On Tuesday Oct 4th around 5pm I went to go send an email on my outlook ( which we use through our GODaddy account here at work ) ... Anyway, Once I opened up the Outlook email like I do every other day. All my personal settings were lost. It seemed to have changed back to a default setting, I lost EVERYTHING. All my folders. all my emails. EVERYTHING. I called Microsoft, They couldn't help. I called GoDaddy, They couldn't help, however I was set up with a "IMAP account" Because apparently my "pop Account" wasn't suffice.... I have no clue what that means.. But moving forward. I figured I was doomed, and I had to start fresh. So starting fresh , I started making folders again. Now, even when I am not creating anything.. I get this pop up alert " IMAP account wants to alert you to the following: cannot rename system folders" No clue what this means, NO CLUE. So I read your Answers and I cant seem to fix it, I am also afraid I am going to delete something that shouldn't be deleted. So please tell me this is an easy fix :(

The girl who uses a computer all day everyday for accounting but has no clue when it comes to this stuff:(
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if you used a pop account before, the pst file should be there somewhere - look in your documents folder, in a folder called Outlook Files - if outlook is open, go to File, Open & Export, Open Outlook Data files. Do you see any files listed? The one dates Oct 4 should be the one you used before.

I have no idea what happened to your profile, but i highly recommend you make copies of any post files you use and keep them in a safe place. I recommend doing this weekly, if not more often.

As for the imap error, try making the folders as subfolders of the inbox. Also, if the error comes up every time you check mail, you'll need to delete the imap data file and let outlook make a new one.
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