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About a month ago my wife received an 'update your Office' notice so she did thinking nothing of it. She has Office365.
After the update, no new emails would be visible in her POP email Inbox.
I could send a test email, and her phone would show where it arrived. Then she would hit send/receive all in Outlook, it would show it downloading the email, but it would never be visible in the Inbox. Inbox would show a new unread email, but we do not see it in the list.
If I specifically searched for the email, it would show up!
If I used a filter to show emails from this week/this month/etc, it would show up!
With either of these when I hover my mouse over the found test email, the tool-tip pop-up would show that it is located in Inbox.
But when I went back to the regular inbox, the last email was from 6-5-17.
Things I have done to try and solve this problem:
- reset view
- make sure 'conversations' is not enabled
- ScanPST.EXE the PST file
- Quick/Full repair of Office
What else can I do?


Outlook version
Outlook 2016 64 bit
Email Account
After yesterday's huge update, this is still a problem. In fact, she woke to see that her Outlook 2016 taskbar shortcut had been replaced by the regular 'Mail' shortcut. Strange. I fixed that, but starting Outlook she still can't see her new messages in Inbox unless she filters her view to 'This Week' etc.

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Does she have more than one data file in her profile? (Thinking they are delivered to a different data file.)

Have you tried a new profile? If you have the new add account dialog and the data file names are email@domain.ext.pst format (no (1) tagged on) , the option to use a new data file should pick them up. (That is the only thing I like about that new dialog - oh and it didn't download old messages)

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 64 bit
Email Account
She has three emails accounts in her profile: a pop3 account (that we are having problems with), a university google account, and an outlook account
I will look into the 'add account' thank you
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