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Jennifer Murphy

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In the To-Do List window (Outlook 2007), the first column was labeled something like, "To-Do Subject" or "Task Subject" or something like that. I wanted to sort the list on (1) Due Date and then (2) Subject text. I wanted to put priority codes (0-9) as the first character of the subject text, That way, tasks that were due on the same day would then be sorted by priority. The built-in task priority (High, Normal, Low) does not provide enough granularity for what I need.

I clicked on View | Current View \ Customize Current View, but I couldn't find any field with that label. I was able to find the Subject field, so I added it. It showed by as a new field in addition to the one mentioned above and it appeared to have exactly the same contents. So, since I couldn't find a way to sort on the first fiueld, I removed it from the list. I am now able to sort as I wanted to.

Here's my question: What was that first field? Is it different from the Subject field? If so, how? If not, why are there two fields with the same information? Finally, why isn't it in any of the lists of fields?

Now that I have removed it from the view, I can't seem to get it back. Is that a problem?
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