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Hi. I am using Win 10 and Outlook 2016. I had been using Outlook as a POP a/c for decades then changed to Gmail two years ago. About 2 months ago I changed back to Outlook as it has a few desired advantages. This time I set it up as an IMAP a/c and I kept my Gmail a/c running. I linked my Gmail a/c to Outlook. It was all successfully done and worked well. I successfully imported my messages from Gmail and my contacts.
The problem I have is that Gmail is not downloading emails or sending emails any more. No messages in my inbox in my Outlook Gmail folder and none in my Gmail a/c. No error messages when I send or attempt to receive. The messages are OK up to a date about 3 weeks ago then no more after that. The problem could have started when I did some final adjustments to Outlook but I cannot remember exactly as it was working well but at some stage around that time it stopped. I did not notice it had a problem immediately so am not sure what I did to cause it.
I checked my ost file for Outlook and Gmail and both are current to this day. My Gmail ost file is large so has plenty of files in it. So it appears to me that the system is working but my messages are not getting through to both my individual Gmail a/c and to my Gmail a/c in Outlook.
There is plenty on the web on this and I have tried the obvious. Gmail is set with IMAP enabled and POP disabled. I had left both enabled but it did not solve the problem. The only thing I have not tried is checking the incoming and outgoing server settings in Outlook. It used to be simple in Outlook to do this but with their changes I cannot see how to view the settings. I did the automatic "reset the mail settings" for my Gmail a/c in Outlook but this had no effect.
I am not sure if this is a Gmail problem or an Outlook one
I would be grateful for any suggestions
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