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If I reply to an email using a different email address (OL reply menu > from drop down > other email address..) , say I use... xy@x.com then in my OL sent items folder shows the from e-mail address as... *@x.com which is the accounts catchall email address not the sender email I used... xy@x.com

I know how to set up a send only account for xy@x.com but I have literally hundreds of these email addresses (I use the recipients company name as part of my email address so I know if they sell my email address and it also helps me determine if an email is spam) so setting up accounts for each address won't work for me.

1) How do I set up my OL sent items folder to show the "other email address..." I used to send the email not the useless sending account's address.

2) I also have several auto hot key and vb6 programs that I would like to be able to read the message's "other email address..." using comobjactive or some other method. How to do this would be appreciated. I already know how to read the "from e-mail address" using comobjactive in both ahk and vb6.

Thank you for any help you can give me.
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