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I upgraded to Win-10 / Office 2010 on a new machine, and am moving over 1500 contact records critical data for my business from Win-7 outlook 2007. There are 3 user defined fields and they do not appear in the exported file, I googled this issue and it seems outlook does not export UDF's. So, I did some testing, inserted a NAME field into my existing CONTACTS records folder). You can rename this to whatever you want and I did, and this interestingly, now shows up as a UDF field which does not export either. SO, I did even more testing, deleted that column I re-selected the NAME column, did not change the name of the NAME column , inserted that, added some data, exported and THAT field does not show up either, so WHAT exactly is going on? I viewed my .PST file directly with a .PST viewer, EXTREMELY HANDY for t his. WHAT are the rules here for exporting fields in Contacts folder? This is a big deal, I have a large contacts file with column data I CANNOT MIGRATE / EXPORT. Big problem.

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UDFs do not export. Or import.

You cab use the user1 - user4 fields for the data (use a macro to move the data to and from those fields) or use a macro to export all fields. But... you don't need to. If you have the data in a pst in 2007, copy the pst to the new computer. Or export the contacts to a pst. Moving an existing pst to the new computer has a number of advantages, including you'll keep views, rules, categories, and custom forms

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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This is a big deal, I have a large contacts file with column data I CANNOT MIGRATE / EXPORT. Big problem.
Why not? Moving the contacts as outlook contacts is the most efficient method and will preserve the fields and their values.
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