How can you include Junk Email in Search Results like you can include Deleted Items?

Would you use a "Include All Outlook Folders" button?

  • Yes

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Re: Outlook Desktop 2016

There is a button on the ribbon called "Include Deleted Items." When performing a search, I love being able to toggle this on and off without having to dig into Search Options.

How can we add the same type of button to search “All of Outlook,” including Junk Email and Conflicts folders? I can navigate to those folders individually and "Search Current Folder." However, sometimes I just want to include those folders in a search by toggling a button on the Ribbon.

It should be noted that performing the search "Include All Outlook Items" is deceiving because it does NOT include all Outlook folders since Junk Email and Conflicts are excluded from the search. Clearly "Include All Outlook Items" means that it theoretically searches Contact, Mail, Task Items, etc. However, there needs to be a “Include All Outlook Folders” as a search method.

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Diane Poremsky

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There is no option to search those folders - you'll need to do them individually. Conflicts shouldn't be a problem - if you find something that has a conflict, it should indicate that. But junk mail is a different story - you'll need to do that separately.


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Thanks for confirming what I suspected might be the case. I have added a suggestion to Outlook's UserVoice page.

I notice from time to time when the Search Index is not complete, there is an option at the bottom of the search results to "Find More Items." When I click that, Outlook seems to bypass the index and includes all of my folders. That's essentially what I'm looking for. The problem is that I can only invoke that function when the Search Index is not complete. Is there a command to run a search without the index? I want the Index 95% of the time, just like I don't want to "Include Deleted Items" 95% of the time. It's that other 5% of the time that I'd love to click a button to cast my search wider. If there is no button, is there a macro that can be written to "Search Without Index" if I want to expand the results of a search I've run to include Junk Email and Conflicts?

Diane Poremsky

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No on the macro. It sounds like it is using the old, slow native outlook search - it can be turned off and on, but is a few steps. If you use the registry, i think you will need to restart outlook.

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