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    Outlook 2010 Changing events in Outlook calendar via opening file, importing CSV

    I keep an Excel spreadsheet of events, and import to Outlook calendar by opening and importing a CSV file. If an event changes, or I need to cancel an event, I would like to change it in the spreadsheet, import the new CSV, and see these changes reflected in the calendar. Is this possible...
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    Import Excel Text into Outlook Calender

    Hello, I am trying to Import data from Excel 2013 into Outlook 2013. I tried the Import function but it is too cumbersome. As I live in Germany the , and ; characters are reversed and I can't Change it in my regional settings at work due to a GPO of some kind so I have to save the .csv file as...
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    Outlook 2016\365 export specific rules to import in another system

    Is there a procedure whereby I could export certain settings (specifically the ones under Junk Email Options) to a file so those same settings can be imported into a different account using the same version of Outlook 2016 Exchange. It needs to be as specific as possible and not just Every Rule...