1. N

    Wide Line Spacing in Folder pane 2016

    In 2016, the Folder Pane (earlier called Navigation pane) line spacing is really far apart, much greater than my previous 2010, and greater than the listing of emails to its right. (I hope I'm calling this the right thing- folder vs navigation pane). For someone who has MANY accounts and...
  2. AbbieWhite

    The problem with a fairly large file.

    The problem with a fairly large file. The last time it somehow completely unsuccessfully closed, and now when I try to open it via MS Outlook 6.0, the program tells me about an error, after which I can not move forward now - Outlook Express could not open this folder. I would have forgotten...
  3. JoeG

    Appointment Delete/Change Recurrence

    Hello, I have a client who likes to delete old recurring appointments after the month has passed. Because she handpicks the ones to delete, it would be too large a task (no pun intended) to write a macro to just delete all old appointments from previous months on her Outlook calendar. Her...
  4. M

    Macro to add date/time stamp to subject

    Hi all, A complete Outlook macro newbie here (and a macro newbie in general). I have been trying to get a macro to work to add a date/time stamp to the subject of all emails in the selected outlook folder. I am receiving an error on my 'check' line to avoid duplication of the date/time stamp on...
  5. J

    Marketing task MS BCM

    Installed BCM on a PC running windows 10. If I send an email newsletter with html content individually to my self in outlook, it arrives as an html mail. If I send it as part of a mass marketing campaign, it send and arrives only in text. Have spent two days trying to send out our html xmas...
  6. A

    Capturing Send Variables without using Application_ItemSend in ThisOutlookSession

    Hello, I want to place a custom button in the send window's ribbon which allows me to capture the sender, recipient, subject, body and date/time sent and pass these through to an Access database then send the email as normal. I have found out how to get these variables using the...
  7. C

    How to replace or delete first instance of sentence in mail body?

    Dear Madam, Sub :- How to replace or delete first instance of sentence in mail body? hello & have a good day.. I already have a Excel Vba macro for send unique mails for each file in one folder with conditional To, Subject & body with rich text format signature that's work fine ..but .. I...
  8. T

    Have Outlook 2016 suggest email address auto complete entries directly from the user's contacts list

    How can we make it so that every time that a user types the first few characters of a user's name or email address within the address bar Outlook 2016 will automatically search the user's Outlook contacts and then suggest email address auto complete entries based upon the user's Outlook...
  9. P

    Run Time Error 91 when linking contact to task in VBA

    I have a piece of code that creates a task then links a specified contact to the task. It worked fine in Outlook 2010, however I have recently updated to the most current version of Outlook (Office 365 version 1708) and the Links.Add method is now throwing the run time error 91 with the "object...
  10. T

    Outlook AntiSpam with VBA

    So we know Outlook has this internal filtering system that sends junk mail to Junk folder even when filtering option is turned off. I'm wondering if there's a way to look at or "hack" it. Using VBA or something? I want to keep some emails from being labeled as Phishing or junk by the internal...
  11. V

    VB script code to save a specific email attachment from a given email

    Hi, I'm new to VBA and also this forum. I'm using a simple script code to save email attachments to a Drive folder and name them when they arrive, and activating it within an Outlook rule(run a script), its working fine.......when there is only one attachment in the email. Is there a script...
  12. N

    Saving And Deleting Outlook Attachments with Unknown Error Message

    Hey Folks, I am trying to write a macro that loops through an Outlook folder and its subfolders, looks for messages with attachments, saves them somewhere else (e.g. D:\...), and, if there has not been any error, deletes the specific attachment and writes down a log (I use that with in...
  13. R

    Recover Deleted Appointment in Calendar

    How can one recover A Deleted Appointment in Outlook 365 Calendar? A deleted appointment does NOT appear to be moved to the Deleted Items folder, where deleted emails are stored. Rick.
  14. B

    Macro to manually move selected emails to network folder

    Hello. Great website. (Didn't even know macros existed in Outlook until i found your website.) Need some advice. We recently switched our entire office of 20 people from on-premise exchange to Office365 during a server upgrade and we rely heavily on public folders for managing...
  15. J

    VBA to switch Outlook online/offline

    Most of my tasks are done via Outlook ie most of the work I do is composing and responding to emails. I can switch Outlook offline /online manually, but I was wondering if there was a Macro that would automate this. My schedule is as follows 7am Online 8:45 Offline 10:45 Online 10:50 Offline...
  16. Bob Franklin

    Emails Not Received in my Outlook account

    Hello, I belong to the development industry and I develop mobile applications and websites. I have joined this community to get an issue resolved with the help of you guys. We use outlook for our official communications in the office as well as with our business clients. However, from past few...
  17. A

    Cannot Figure Out One Thing on VBA

    Hello All! I have been working away on a project and I am at a stopping point and would love help if anyone has insight on this. Here is the current Macro that I have. This will take an appointment and when ran will create an email to remind the client of their appointment including detail...
  18. K

    How to find specific header and copy the mail body

    Hi Team, i have gone through many outlook forums and could not able to figure out correct code for my requirement. i have group mail box in we receive mails frequently with Subject line " Request ID 691941: Call Lodged " here 691941 keep changing with request coming in mail box and remaining...
  19. J

    Outlook Rules - Changing auto-submit address in multiple rules, according to rule name

    Hello everyone, I am trying to change some rules in outlook, as I have more than 300 rules and would like to change the routing for a given email to a group depending on the name of the rule. I tried to make an adaptation in the code of the list of rules and Sort Rules, but still I could not...
  20. Micheal Ivan

    How to fix it ?

    Hi, When I go to Tools | Options | Stationery and Fonts in Outlook 2007 the button to change fonts is grayed out. Is there a route around this, if you don't mind so that my text styles are predictable all through? Much appreciated!