outlook 2016

  1. B

    Search function in Office 365 has stopped working

    Without warning and no apparent cause, the search function in Outlook 365 no longer works in Mail, Calendar or Contacts. I can find contacts using the "Search People" box at the top right in any of the apps, but I get no results from the search box in any of the views in Mail., Calendar or...
  2. C

    too many choices for time zones! can i reduce to actual time zones only?

    i regularly need to schedule events in pacific and eastern time. i'm generally happy with the outlook calendar feature that allows me to set the time zone for an event (and especially happy when it allows me to set separate start and finish time zones, for transcon flights). but is there a way...
  3. G

    Bcc help - Preventing multiple forwards from a bcc'd distribution group

    I'm in need of some help solving a headache at the company I work for. Our clients have multiple service providers, my company being one of them. They often send process change requests and general announcements to all of their service providers at once, blind copying the recipients. We've...
  4. Q

    Script to create a pst file for Archiving

    I would like to have a script to hand out to the users at our office that would create a "archive.pst" file under their ..\documents\outlook files\' folder'. It would be nice if the script could include the date of creation such as "1-12-17_archived_items.pst" or something similar. The...
  5. Ed Sheehan

    Unusual behaviour in setting Sender (Outlook 2016)

    I have two email accounts set-up. An Outlook Exchange based one, and a MAPI based one linked to my personal domain hosting service. I created the following simple script to all default new emails to always using the personal account as the sender. The first new email persists with using the...
  6. G

    Favorites panel entries move around after restarting Outlook 2016

    Hello For a while now, I've had a curious problem. Background: running Outlook 2016 on Win 10, fully updated, with Office subscription. Outlook 2016 has several accounts set up, with 3 main accounts: Home Outlook.com email, Work A Gmail and Work B Gmail. In my Favorites panel, I have added...
  7. O

    :Managing contacts in Outlook 2016

    1) Is there a way to make Phone the default format for all contact lists in Outlook 2016? 2) Is there any way to tag or characterize contacts when I'm set up for IMAP? If not, how do I convert back to POP3 without losing any info? 3) Is there a way to automatically date new contacts as...
  8. Q

    Undisclosed recipients does not include sender

    I ran across some information regarding email using undisclosed recipients that I have been trying to test but have found an anomaly that is confusing to me. The intent was to prevent the ability of others to see the names of all who were sent the message. To do this, the post I was reading...
  9. D

    Outlook macros to create meeting on shared calendar

    Hi Guys, Thanks for having me here.. I'm very new to this all and have followed some online guides to customize a "Meeting Form" and create a "Button" on the outlook ribbon allowing me to book jobs. Myself and a work colleague each have independent email addresses on the office365 exchange...
  10. O

    Folder Pane problems

    1) The shortcuts listing at the top of the folder pane has disappeared--how do I get it back? 2) The folder listing is double-spaced, so it show half as many folders as I'd like. Is this fixable? I'm running Outlook 2016 under Windows 10 Pro x64
  11. O

    POP3 vs iMAP?

    I want to set up my email so that mail deleted from my phone or laptop is still available for me to see on my home PC, but mail I delete from the home PC (which uses Outlook 2016) will be gone from the other two. It's my understanding that this would require I set up the home machine as POP3...
  12. C

    Outlook 2016: Searching in all (+public) folders

    I can't tell you how frustrated I was that Microsoft disabled the Windows Search feature in Outlook 2016 ! The ability to perform a single search in all of my 200+ public folders (and in my Inbox), with the aggregate results being displayed in a single window, was invaluable ! This is my first...
  13. O

    Outlook 2016 follow-up flags--how can I add dates?

    In outlook 2003, I could not only flag e-mails for follow-up but assign follow-up dates. Now that I use outlook 2016, I can't seem to do this. Did Microsoft eliminate this useful feature? Or did it just make it impossible to find? Is there any way to get this feature back?
  14. O

    Outlook 2016 contact issues

    I recently switched from Outlook 2003 to outlook 2016. Not entirely an improvement! 1) I tend to have only one or two contacts per company. But the Telephone List contacts format (which I prefer) adds a header for each company, which wastes a lot of space. How can I defeat this? 2) For that...
  15. T

    Outlook Calendar 2016 import Excel

    We do recurring appointments every year. I exported the calendar from Outlook 2016 to an Excel spreadsheet. We massaged the data (created new appointments for 2017) and I am now trying to reimport it. In the past, I had the option to import different Excel formats. Now it only shows me the...
  16. F

    Move mails from Deleted Items folder back to its original folder where the mails got deleted

    I am using Outlook 2013 connected to Exchange 2013 Server. The automatic duplicate cleanup option on Outlook 2013 automatically deleted around 3,000 emails from different folders; these emails were not duplicates! There are now around 3,000 emails in the deleted folder that I need to move back...
  17. Diane Poremsky

    Set Another Data File as Default When Using an Exchange Account

    Diane Poremsky submitted a new article on Slipstick.com Set Another Data File as Default When Using an Exchange Account Continue reading the Original Article at Slipstick.com
  18. G

    Outlook 2016: reply icon not showing when replied from mobile

    Hello Using Outlook 2016 (Win10) with 1 Outlook.com account (still waiting to be moved across) and 2 GSuite (aka Google Apps for Work) accounts. When i reply, forward etc from Outlook, the icon of said action shows up nicely. However, when i reply/forward from my iOS devices (Mac/iPad/iPhone)...
  19. K

    Daily task list > show tasks on the exact due date and not on the "current date"

    Hi, At the moment, all overdue tasks are shown on the current date. Is there a way that the overdue tasks are shown on the exact due date instead of the current date? fe. a task with due date "Oct 19st" should be shown on Oct 19th and to not on the current day (Oct 22th) kr, Kurt
  20. N

    Outlook People Pane - Sent Mail

    Hello, I am using outlook 2016 with a pop3 account. Under the people pane, I'm able to see all of the emails that a person has sent me, but I do not see the emails that I've sent them. Is there a way to view the sent emails to a person in the people pane? If not, is there a work around or...