outlook 2016

  1. S

    Outlook 2016 Sync issues with outlook.com

    Hi everyone. I am experiencing an issue which I just cant understand, and I am hoping someone can throw some light on it. I have recently upgraded to Office 365 (subscription), and promptly downloaded my shiny new Office 2016. Very happy not having to pay large sums up front, and regular...
  2. copperberry

    Outlook 2013 (desktop) vs Outlook 365/Outlook 2016

    I'm looking for discussions comparing Outlook 2013 (desktop) with Outlook 365/Outlook 2016. I can't tell if it's too soon to expect to see information on this, or if I'm missing something: There are a lot of websites that refer to Outlook.com, but I understand that is migrating to Outlook...
  3. D

    Calendar view problems with reading pane open

    I found a couple of references to this on the web but no solutions. I have my folder pane set to a specific width in the mail view. If I change to contacts everything looks good, but if I change to calendar view, with the reading pane on the right, the folder pane gets narrow and I can't see...
  4. Randy Redekopp

    Outlook 2016 attachment content search

    I use conditional formatting extensively to manage email alerts coming from the various devices and processes in my environment. I have turned on the QueryBuilder as some conditions require more advanced analysis but that won't help with this particular issue. I am looking for a way to apply...
  5. M

    Can't Delete iCloud Calendar Notifications From Outlook 2016

    I have 4 calendar invites (notifications) showing up in my iCloud Add-In Notification in Outlook 2016. They are all from 2015. I click on one of them and click Decline (Any of the 3 options returns same error) and I get a response that says; I've tried refresh, adding a calendar entry on my...
  6. M

    Outlook 2016 - Mail Not Syncing With iPhone Outlook App

    Recently, I noticed my Outlook App on my iPhone is not in sync with my desktop version of Outlook 2016. I tried deleting the App from the phone and adding it back without success. I've tried a couple of "internet" suggestions without success. My iPhone shows 146 messages in the Inbox while my...
  7. B

    Can't run macro from QAT when emailing from Acrobat

    I print QuickBooks invoices to PDFs using the Adobe Acrobat PDF printer, then use the Email PDF button in Acrobat to open a new Outlook mail message with the PDF attached. (Yes, I know QB has a built-in email PDF feature, but the PDFs look like crap, are 10x larger than the Adobe version, and...
  8. GregS

    Import from Outlook.com .ost to IMAP .pst?

    To shift from POP3 to IMAP and stop duplicates, I created a new Outlook 2016 profile. I successfully imported all the mail from my local Outlook 2016 .pst file, but none of my contacts or calendar entries appeared. When I switch back to my "old" profile, the calendar and contact data reappear...
  9. Q

    Outlook 2016\365 export specific rules to import in another system

    Is there a procedure whereby I could export certain settings (specifically the ones under Junk Email Options) to a file so those same settings can be imported into a different account using the same version of Outlook 2016 Exchange. It needs to be as specific as possible and not just Every Rule...
  10. C

    Outlook 2016 - converting Word VBA to default Outlook message

    I've been tasked with automating a paper-based procedure, and have done so successfully in Word. Now I'm being asked if this can be moved over to Outlook - and I don't know anything about coding in Outlook at all. I am self-taught in Word and only know how to get a few basic things done. The...
  11. Diane Poremsky

    Add a Charm to Outlook Meetings

    diane-poremsky submitted a new article on Slipstick.com Add a Charm to Outlook Meetings Continue reading the Original Article at Slipstick.com
  12. Z

    Batch Change Folder Views in Outlook 2016

    Batch Change Folder Views in Outlook 2016
  13. J


    I am trying to setup outlook.com and outlook 2016 to work together - I first setup outlook.com - set my outlook.com email address as default. I added my gmail imap email and said make a new folder - @gmail-username is the folder name. I then setup a pop3 account and it is receiving mail in a...
  14. M

    Outlook 2016 Desktop - Automatic Rule Processing

    I'm running Outlook 2016 desktop with Windows 10. I noticed my rule isn't automatically processing incoming mail. I've read "old" posts that talk about corrupted rules and/or mailboxes, but nothing referencing Outlook 2016. I doubt that I have a corruption issue since my install is less than...
  15. Travis Lloyd

    Will Outlook 2016 Desktop Sync-up With Outlook.com?

    For years now all of my clients use Outlook (2010, 2013 & now 2016) on their desktop computers, have Android smartphones (none are interested in getting a Windows phone) and need to be able to see and update their calendars, email, etc either when they make an entry on their phones or on Outlook...