1. bhamberg

    Shortcuts in Folder Pane (Outlook 2016)

    (thought I saw a reply to this before but could not find :O/) Explorer locked up and had to reboot - Outlook was open. After several tries Windows (10) rebooted, Outlook started but all of my Shortcuts are gone! Any suggestions for getting back?
  2. A

    Going to folder using shortcuts

    I have created 50+ folders and rules for incoming emails. I have a search for all unread emails. Does outlook have a shortcut so you can go to the folder of the email in your search? Let me reword this. My search I have an email and it's in a folder called "Dog". Can use shortcut Ctrl+??? and I...
  3. N

    Outlook Email Rule execution through shortcut keys (VBA codes)

    Hi All, I looking for suggestion for my following VBA code to execute all predefine MS outlook email rules. I have observed email rules can be executed by pressing shortcut keys (Alt+ h + rr + l + r + e + o + c ). However, my following VBA programme does not work well and it leave rule list...
  4. R

    Toggle the Reading Pane using Keyboard Shortcut

    When I select the "View" tab in Outlook 2016 and select the "Reading Pane" drop down the first letter of the "Right, Bottom & Off" options are all underlined. This seems to indicate that there is a keyboard shortcut to toggle the reading pane on & off. However, I can't figure out how to make...
  5. Diane Poremsky

    Shortcuts and the Missing Outlook:// Protocol

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