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I had this problem with Outlook 2013 on Win8 and am now having a similar problem with Outlook 2016 on Win10. I CANNOT get my preferred "new email" sound to play.

I am running Windows 10 Enterprise. Outlook 2016 from Office 365. I have confirmed that notifications are on. I can hear the default Microsoft provided sound just fine. When I change to my sound, it doesn't work. I have changed both the Desktop Mail Notification and New Mail Notification.

If I remember, on Win8, I had to change the WAV format or something. In any case, my sound is:

PCM, 22KHz, 16bits, stereo

And that matches the specs of the Microsoft provided sounds.

I have tried the sound from a network share (DFS and not DFS), and from the local C: drive, in a folder with everyone having full control.

Also, the sound plays fine when pressing the "test" button in the sounds control panel.

What am I missing?

Again, I can set it to the Microsoft provided wav files and it works just fine! I haven't tried them all, but I have done several.


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Okay, so the one thing I didn't try...put the sound in C:\Windows\Media. It worked in there.

So I ran procmon.exe from sysinternals with the sound set to the old location (C:\tools) and see that I am getting a DENIED when the file is in C:\tools, but a SUCCESS when it is in C:\windows\media.

Again, I've confirmed that C:\tools and the file itself have everyone full control.



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I burn way too much time on little things like this, but I found it. You need to give Read & Execute to the following special Win10 security principal:


Once I granted that read & execute to my C:\Tools folder, it was able to play.

This is unfortunate, as it means most people won't be able to play sounds from the music folders or other folders they collect stuff like this in. My normal location is in my documents folder, which is redirected to my server. I tried granting ALL APP PACKAGES rights to just the file in its normal location, but it won't play, I assume because it doesn't have a full permission "path" to the file.

So for now I think my path of least resistance is to put my WAV file into a special folder on my C: drive with the proper permissions just for it!

I assume this is an Outlook/Win10 Notification Center interaction. I also assume Outlook 2016 on Win 7 wouldn't have this problem, as Win7 doesn't have a notification center does it? So Outlook has to play the sounds itself? Likewise Office 2010 on Win10 probably would be fine, as 2010 didn't know how to use the notification center did it?

Diane Poremsky

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Thanks for the update!

My guess is that few people actually bother to change the sounds.
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