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I am using Outlook 2013 (V15.0.4903.1002)

I have an archive file “2020-04-25 Archive Calendar Events older than 12-31-2017.pst” that resides in a folder called “C:\Documents\Outlook Files”.
Because this file is open and owned by Outlook, it is causing an issue with "Google Backup & Sync" program trying to back it up.

There is another folder called “C:\Outlook Calendar Archive” which is where I copied this file to, but Outlook continues to update the file in both folders. I just want Outlook to update the file in only the “C:\Outlook Calendar Archive” folder.

I have attached a pdf document with more details and screen prints.
Hopefully it clear as to my issue and how to resolve.


  • 2021-01-11 Calendar archiving issue using Outlook 2013.pdf
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